Friday, February 03, 2012

Stories and Human Connection: Quotes from Brad Pitt and Beeban Kidron

A couple of quotes from the news recently:

"I just had this profound love for storytelling. I think it's just an amazing thing we get to do. We're so complex; we're mysteries to ourselves; we're difficult to each other. And then here's this storytelling that reminds us we're all the same. I consider it such a privilege." -Brad Pitt, speaking with Backstage (Read the full interview here.)

"I think that stories, and the telling of stories, are the foundations of human communication and understanding.  If children all over the country are watching films, asking questions and telling their stories, then the world will eventually be a better place."  -Beeban Kidron, co-founder and directory of Filmclub (Quoted here on The Guardian's Teacher Network Blog.)

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