Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Gift, by Lewis Hyde

Shop Indie BookstoresThe Gift starts with an anthropological overview of giftgiving, and proceeds to argue that works of art - which are treated as commodities in modern western culture - ought to be seen, first and foremost, as gifts. This book is a call to suspend concern for the wallet in order to tend to the soul, the culture, the community. It is also readable, compelling, and highly recommended for storytellers and audience members alike.

Resolution: Create a story or work of art, no matter how modest, and give it away anonymously. For example, write a short story on a postcard and leave it in a public place. Is it easier/harder/more enjoyable to create the work when you know you will receive neither credit nor payment?

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Ange said...

Another post please! I have just found your blog and it's very enriching:-)