Monday, February 12, 2007

Is TV a Lazy Medium?

My friend "Nick" claimed it wasn't, making the argument that while films take years to make, a weekly tv show puts out 42 minutes (give or take) of product each week. I admit that's impressive, but still, so much of what's put on television is junk. For the first time in my life, I have cable tv, and I can't find anything I want to watch! The cinematography is boring, most stories are clumsy, and the acting is...okay.

But then I saw this commercial for high def tv. Black background: A wispy model is being pulled along by a white tiger on a leash. The leash breaks into oodles of jewels which ricochet all over the screen as the tiger leaps out of a flat-screen tv. It's gorgeous, artistic, and cinematically interesting. If television really looked like that, I would want high def! As it is, I'm happy for the definition to be as sloppy as much of the storytelling.

But maybe I'm just not finding the good stuff. Recommendations, anyone?

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